PUK holds nearly 1/8 ounce in 6 fresh bowls

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The ultimate travel pipe

  • Fill your PŬK in the morning and have 6 fresh bowls for the entire day.

  • No more interupting your activities to empty and refill your bowl.

  • Holds up to 6 different strains to customize your experience.

  • Automatically extinguishes with the turn of your PŬK.

  • Fits discreetly in your pocket and is odor resistant.

  • Easily estimate your daily usage

  • Cleaning is super simple.

PŬK is nationally and internationally recognized for its unique design.

Best Glass Design

High Times Cannabis Cup - Amsterdam (2012)

Most Innovative Medical Cannabis Dosing Device
Global Health and Pharma (2020)

Quality Standards

PŬK is individually hand-crafted and engineered to exacting standards.