How to care for and clean your PUK Pipe

PŬK Smoking Devices

Elevate With Elegance

Imagine The

"Perfect Smoking Device"

Would it be so beautiful that you could imagine it being exhibited in any museum of modern art? Would it supply you with multiple fresh bowls of cannabis flower to last all day without having to empty or refill your bowl? Would it be compact so you could carry it inconspicuously in any pocket? Would it be smell-resistant? Would it extinguish itself after each hit to conserve your cannabis? Would it be ridiculously easy to clean?  

Well, imagine no more.
Welcome to PŬK!

What Is PŬK?

PŬK is a high capacity, ultra-compact, virtually odorless, multi-product, cannabis container, and smoking device.

PŬKs come in glass, marble, granite, and wood.

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Award Winning Design

PŬK is award winning nationally and internationally for its unique design.

Best Glass Design
High times Cannabis Cup - Amsterdam (2012)

Most Innovative Medical Cannabis Dosing Device
Global Health and Pharma (2020)

Quality Standards

PŬK is individually hand-crafted and engineered to exacting standards.

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