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PUK Straw 

The PUK Straw is a "game-changer" and the latest accessory to the PUK family.  It makes using your PUK Pipe much more comfortable and hygienic.  Because the length of the  PUK Straw allows you to move the PUK Pipe further away from you, it also makes lighting and smoking it much easier. 

With the many different viruses going around, protect yourself and your friends when sharing your when sharing your (African Bubinga Wood, Stone or Glass), PUK Pipe.

Be the Cool one at the party

When you're invited to a party, bring your PUK PIpe and some 3-D printed PUK Straws. Treat anyone who wants to enjoy some Cannabis from your PUK Pipe to his or her own personal PUK Straw.

PUK Straws can be purchased in packages of 3, 6 and 12. 


  • Material: 3-D printing with non-toxic, plant-based resin
  • Color choices: Midnight Black and Ash Gray
  • Dimensions:  Length: 76.2 mm (3"); Diameter: 0.07 mm (1.79") 
  • Weight: 100 milligrams
  • Shape: Flat toothpick
  • Designer: Clever PŬK Employee
  • Engineering quality:  Crafted to exacting standards


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