PŬK Straw (10-pack)

PŬK Straw (10-pack)

Precio de venta$24.95
Size:10 Pack White

PŬK Straw 

Although PŬKs are designed to be used without the need for any accessories, the optional PŬK Straw gives you a more relaxed and hygienic smoking experience. Slide your PŬK Straw into the long airhole on the top disc, then draw smoke from the straw instead of directly from the PŬK. Buy them in bulk to pass out to your friends and you can all be confident that when sharing your PŬK, you won’t be sharing your germs.


  • Material: 3-D printed, UV light-cured resin.
  • Color choices: White
  • Engineering quality: Crafted to exacting standards

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