Puk Pipe Stabilizer Screen
PUK Stabilizer Screen
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PUK Stabilizer Screen

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PUK Stabilizer Screen

Upgrade your Glass PUK pipe with a PUK Stabilizer Screen.

With a PUK Stabilizer Screen, screwed into place, you eliminate the need for a disposable screen. Plus, once attached, it prevents the top and bottom of your PUK from accidentally sliding apart in your backpack, purse, or pocket.

If you've got a Glass PUK and are scratching your head, worry not. We ship each one with a PUK Stabilizer Screen as a standard issue.  If you purchased a glass PUK prior to the release of the PUK Stabilizer/Screen, we will send you one for free (not including shipping). Just contact us and we will get it out to you.

Importantly, The Stabilizer / Screen currently only fits our Glass PUK Pipes 2.0.  The wood and Stone version 3.0 will fit when it is released (due Q1 2021).  Please do NOT buy this product unless it is for a Glass PUK Pipe, otherwise, the screen will no fit.

The package includes one stabilizer screen and screw to install on your PUK Pipe. 

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