Puk Pipe Magnet set with Screws

Neodymium N42 Magnet Set w/Screws

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Set of replacement Neodymium N42 Magnets

Your PUK magnets are both north, and south pole, and the screws are included.

What on earth do magnets have to do with your PUK Pipe? Simply stated, they hold the top of your PUK to the bottom of your PUK.

That N42 number indicates a good value for your investment, since the maximum energy product is 42M Mega Gauss Oersted, or MGOe. Your PUK magnets are round and strong, with a degree of difficulty that's hard to demagnetize.

In practical terms, when you're enjoying cannabis with your PUK pipe (African Bubinga Wood, Stone or Glass), you can focus on the smoking experience, and not have to worry about the PUK pieces separating in your hands.

Practical for transport

Whether you carry your PUK Pipe in a PUK Pod, or just slip it into your pocket, the PUK magnets give you piece of mind that cannabis won't spill out of any of the six holes in your PUK Pipe.  

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