PUK Pipe

The African Bubinga wood PŬK ("BUBINGA PŬK ") is an extremely affordable alternative to our classic glass, stone and premium wood PŬKs.  The Bubinga PUK is made from a very light wood so it will wear out over time.  We have discounted this model significantly to account for the shorter life than the premium wood PŬKs.

Going to a dinner party?   Instead of a bottle of wine, give your host a BUBINGA PŬK filled with your favorite herb to share with all of the guests...you will surely be the hit of the party!

Going on vacation?  Take a new BUBINGA PŬK with you, and at the end of your trip,  give it to someone who will appreciate it before leaving for the airport.

Give your friend a sample of up to 6 new strains of herb with a pre-filled BUBINGA PUK.   A gift that will never be the wrong size or the wrong color.

THE "BUBINGA PŬK" - Because Everyone should be able to afford a PŬK