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Watch this video to learn how to use and clean your PUK.


Hello YouTube. Hello Facebook. This is George Craig, coming to you with another innovative smoking device. This is called the PuK Pipe. Now, Rob the owner, thank you very much for sending me the Pyrex version, instead of the wooden version like you said you would. Really appreciate that. Let’s jump on in here. Got a really nice case with some good foam. And there’s your Puk Pipe.

Your Puk... it's all Pyrex frosted class. Open this up, and it’s a really strong magnet in there. You don’t have to really worry about it  coming apart or anything, ‘cause I don’t think it will; unless you’re pulling it apart, of course.
OK, so you have six bowls to load. And they’re pretty decent sized bowls. I mean, they hold anywhere from, I’d say, .25 of a gram to a .5 of a gram.
Anyways, I’ve seen this used in several different ways. You can either put a screen in every single bowl, or you can set one right here in the center and it acts for a screen for all of them. So you just set this on top there, and then you will slowly turn it, as bowl number one. 
Now, I haven’t used this personally, yet; but I will tell you right now, that I have tested the air seal on it. . . and you would think it would be really… airy... that there would be gaps in there that the air could get through, but no. I mean, it is perfectly sealed. I have been, I mean.. I, I could put my hand over the bowl right now, and I won’t get any air through there, because It is perfectly sealed.  But you do have a mouthpiece right here on the top part of the puck. There’s no carb or anything, so there’s no worry about that.
What I’m thinking is, when you light your bowl, after you’re done hitting it, you just turn it to the side, and it puts out your bowl, so you aren’t wasting anything. 
And, again, thank you Rob. This is George Craig... coming to you with all kinds of new and innovative smoking devices for your herbal smoking needs.
If you could, please like me on Facebook. Like me on YouTube… and look me up on any other social site, ‘cause I’ll be there.
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