Get Ready for Valentine's

For Valentine's Day… Puk is the prefect gift for your special someone.

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for an imaginitive woman to “flip the script” and surprise her special guy with a gift he’ll really love. No doubt he’s planning a romantic dinner, chocolates... even some flowers. Imagine, though, the look on his face when you surprise him with one of our classy Glass PUK Pipes.


Our PUK Pipe is, flat out, the coolest cannabis smoking pipe ever invented. Designed and engineered to the most exacting production standards by a former NASA employee, it even won the highly prized “Best Glass” award at Amsterdam’s annual event, The Cannabis Cup! 

We can’t stress enough that dudes are NOT into:

  • Stuffed animals holding stuffed hearts with cute messages 
  • Red underwear with Cupid shooting an arrow at you-know-where 
  • Yet another coffee mug. And red? Really?
  • A vinyl record album of his favorite music. Think about it. He doesn’t own a turntable!
  • Scented candles. ‘Nuf said! 
  • Matching yoga wear and a pink yoga mat

Instead of lame, show him you’ve got game! 

We know it’s easy to fall into the trap of kitschy gifts that get a smile and a quick toss into the closet shelf or utility drawer. Worse yet, it may end up in the trash bin after a few courtesy days on the coffee table.

Make an impact this Valentine’s Day that bonds you two even closer! He’ll kiss you (at least once) for all of PUK Pipe’s stand-out features:

  • High-capacity storage  (six bowls) ensures that he always has a dose ready to smoke
  • Accommodates cannabis flower (buds) and concentrates like dabs, oil, wax and shatter 
  • Fits easily in his jacket or pants pocket 
  • Odorless and water resistant
  • With PUK Straws, he can share with you!

What’s the Deal?

Since our Glass PUK is the best-seller, you can act now, and get 10% OFF the retail price of $59. That’s just $53.10 when you use COUPON CODE: "MYVALENTINE"


• Offer is for early birds only. Promotion ends February 13, 2021.

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