How is PŬK pronounced? Like hockey puck.
How much herb can my PŬK hold? Every PŬK has 6 bowls that contain approximately 0.5 grams each for total of nearly 3 grams or 1/8 oz. One of the unique features of your PŬK is that most people do not have to carry around an extra container of herb or need to refill for the entire day.
How does using a PUK keep me from wasting my precious herb while containing the odor of spent herb. Your PUK has 6 open positions (above each bowl) and 1 closed position. Immediately after drawing smoke from your PUK, you can turn it to the closed position, causing it to extnguish iteself, preventing your precious herb from continuing to burn. This closed position also acts as a barrier to the odor of the spent herb.
Do I need to use a screen in my PŬK ? The PUK Pipe was designed to require only a single 3/4" screen in the center of the bottom disc, catching loose particles from any of the 6 bowls. With the newly released permanent stabilizer-screen that is being introduced as part of our glass line, a removable screen is no longer necessary. In addition, the stabilizer-screen prevents all side to side movement of the discs, preventing them from sliding apart even when moved vigorously in your pocket, purse or backpack.
Am I able to enjoy concentrates like waxes, oils etc. in my PŬK? YES! With the optional PŬK Stone, your PŬK allows you to enjoy all of your favorite concentrates including oils, waxes, etc.
Is the PUK Stone made out of the same materials as Pumice or Lava rock, because I heard lava rock is not safe to use in a smoking pipe? No. Lava rock, also called "volcanic glass" can break down allowing microscopic shards of glass to be inhaled into your lungs. In addition, lava rock contains a number of elements and metals that are toxic, and can be released into the smoke under high temperatures. The PUK Stone is made out of a completely inert material called Silicon Carbide, which means that it is completely safe, even under extreme temperatures.
What is my glass PUK made out of. Your glass PUK is made out of a material called borosilicate glass, which is also know as Pyrex. Besides maintaining a crystal clear appearance, it has low thermal expansion, making it more resistant to thermal shock than any other common glass.
Is my PŬK waterproof? Your PŬK is water resistant to normal amounts of splashing water, rain etc. With the addition of the optional PŬK EXO (COMING SOON) your PŬK becomes extremely water resistant, allowing it to be submerged for brief periods of time without getting any of your herb wet.
Is my PŬK odor proof? Your PŬK is engineered to have extremely flat inside surfaces to create an airtight seal. This keeps your herb fresh, and makes it virtually odor proof with even your most pungent strains.
I need my PŬK to be 100% odor proof without any chance of detection. Can the PUK EXO silicone skin make that claim? Yes, we have created the PŬK EXO (COMING SOON) specifically for the purpose of making the aroma of your herb undetectable by any means.
Can you custom make PŬKs for private-label branding? Yes, we can engrave your logo or text onto any of our PŬKs. We can develop special packaging and promotional materials as well.
I bought my PŬK years ago, is it still covered under your lifetime warranty? Any PŬK with magnets that are affixed by a screw is covered under our lifetime warranty against part failure. If you still have one of the first PŬKs, with magnets that are glued onto the PŬK, we will apply 50% discount with your trade in.
How do I clean my PŬK? To clean your PŬK, set it in a shallow container and spray it generously with a glass cleaner such as Windex and let it soak for a minute or two. Then run a pipe cleaner through the air holes and wipe it down. It should look brand new. If not, let it soak for a few more minutes and repeat the process. Although it is usually not necessary, the PŬK can be unscrewed and easily disassembled for deep cleaning.
I heard you can freeze your PUK prior to using it for a smoother smoking experience. Won't the rapid change in temperatures cause it to break? It will not break, and yes, your glass or stone PUK can be put in the freezer prior to use. Your "frozen" PUK transforms your smoking experience into a cool and mellow one. And, unlike bongs and water pipes that run the smoke through a water-type filter, your PUK doesn't remove the flavor or potency that you want to retain. Now that is a "cool" feature.
Does the permanent screen fit in the stone and wood pipes? At this time the permanent screen only fits reliably in the glass PUKs. Because the Stone and wood PUKs were made to different specifications, it does not fit. We plan to correct this in future versions so all PUKs share the identical dimensions.

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