Materials & Manufacturing

Q: Where are your products manufactured?

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All our proudly made in the USA: We import the finest materials from all over the world and build every PŬK right here in the USA with pride.

Q: What are PŬK Pipes and Accessories made from?

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1)PŬK Pipes: 

Borosilicate glass (same material as Pyrex)Stone: Marble (green or white) & Granite (speckled black). Does not remove any flavor potencyAfrican Bubinga Wood: The strength to weight ratio is extremely strong, and is the reason this wood is often used in the design of fine furniture.

2) Food Grade Stainless Steel is utilized for Pipe Screens, Stabilizer Screens and the ciruclar metal component on the top of each PŬK Pipe that bears our brand name - or your custom logo!

3) PŬK Stones are a porous ceramic sponge made of Silicon Carbide

4) PŬK Pods are Neoprene cases (available in black or white) with an attached, standard aluminum carabiner.


Q: What are your Quality Standards?

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PŬK Pipe is individually hand-crafted and engineered to exacting standards.  We use the highest quality materials available, including Borosilicate Glass, Food-grade stainless steel, imported stone (marble and granite) and specially curated exotic African Bubinga Wood, know for its strength-to-weight ratio.

Q: What happens if I drop my PŬK Pipe?

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Do you believe in the 5 second rule? Seriously, though, our products are highly durable, and can withstand general wear and tear. We use the highest quality materials and substrates to manufacture our PŬK Pipes, including borosilicate glass (same material as Pyrex), food-grade stainless steel, imported stone (marble and granite) and specially curated exotic Bubinga - a hard and heavy African wood. Each PŬK Pipe ships with a protective Tin Gift Box that you can used as storage. Plus, you can select from a growing line of attractive graphics that include cool and psychedelic designs. If you purchase a PŬK Pod, the neoprene case (available in black or white) can protect your PŬK Pipe, and make traveling much easier, thanks to the built-in aluminum carabiner. 


Q: What is your Social and Environmental Policy?

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We take our responsibility for our commitment to the social and environmental greater good. We care about the people , and communities where our materials originate, as well as the health of our planet. We proudly donate a portion of our profits to organizations that support and promote these values.


Q: What type of Guarantee do you offer?

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We know how attached you’ll become to your PŬK Pipe  and PŬK Accessories, and your total satisfaction is Priority #1. As a result, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. In other words, if your PŬK ever stops performing as well as it did on the day you received it, we’ll repair or replace it. In the event of accidental damage, we’ll replace the damaged parts at a substantial discount.

Special Requests

Q: Can you print my logo on the PŬK Pipe?

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Yes. We can either custom print your logo, or laser etch it. You pay a one-time setup fee of $250, and provide camera-ready artwork that can be printed on a 35mm (1/8 inch) diameter circular metal component that fits in the top piece of the PŬK Pipe.

Q: Can I give PŬK Pipe as a gift?

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Yes, absolutely! Each PŬK Pipe ships with a Protective Tin Gift Box: we continue to formulate attractive graphics in a growing array of cool and psychedelic designs. Each PUK Pipe ships with a Tin, though you can purchase

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