About PUK

Meet PŬK Pipe (pronounced Puck)

The first and only completely odorless and water resistant, multi-product dosing device. Designed by a former NASA employee, PŬK is engineered to exacting standards making it extremely functional, and with a museum-like elegance.

What can you do with your PŬK?

With PŬKs controlled dosing system, you have 6 fresh bowls that will last you all day (at least), meaning, there is no need to carry an extra container everywhere you go. With just a turn of your PŬK, the next bowl is ready for you to enjoy.

Customize your Experience:

Your PŬK is the perfect party companion to share with friends and will quickly become the Life of the Party. The 6 bowls can be filled with any combination of your favorite herb strains so you can customize your experience. With the optional “PŬK Stone©”, your PŬK allows you to mix things up a bit with your favorite concentrate.

Controlled Dosing:

For the medical user, PŬK is a reliable device that allows for accurate and measured dosing. Each of the 6 bowls can hold approximately 0.5 grams of the herb for nearly ⅛ oz in total allowing for controlled dosing for the entire day.

On the go:

With the included EXO© silicone cover, you can take PŬK confidently with you wherever you go, knowing that the fresh fragrance of your herb will be completely contained within your PŬK, and the contents will be protected from moisture even if you accidentally drop it in water.

Proudly made in the U.S.A


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