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Stirring Sticks

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Stirring Sticks

These Stirring Sticks may not seem like much, but they'll sure cause a stir!

How do I use a Stirring Stick?

Just like the name suggests... to keep your bowl burning optimally, give it a stir every few draws, and you will appreciate the difference it makes. Works just as well on bowl #6 as it does on Bowl #1 when you're enjoying cannabis with your (African Bubinga Wood, Stone or Glass) PUK Pipe.

But I could just use a safety pin...

Yes, that's true. But we want you to enjoy the entire experience. Why not invest that buck in a PUK Stirring Stick that doesn't have you searching the carpet for a safety pin that fell off some dry-cleaning three months ago. Nor do you have to check that top kitchen cabinet for a toothpick. 

You're a grown up, now. You deserve a PUK Stirring Stick. Treat yourself!


Made of solid wood.


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