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PUK Pipe is a revolutionary new product with a proven track record of sales, to the demographic of the audience and customers that you serve. A wide range of people purchase andlove it, and often buy more than one, along with the available accessories. By showcasing our products and accessories in your store, you will not only add an additional revenue source to your bottom line, but when you participate in our co-branding program, you will also be promoting your own brand, or the brands of the customers you supply. With a high “cool-factor”, . PUK Pipes are an easy sell.


What is a PŬK Pipe?

Shaped like a hockey puck (hence our name!), the PUK Pipe was designed by a former NASA employee and engineered to exacting standards.  It was the recipient of the much coveted “Best Glass”  award at the international Cannabis Cup in Amseterdam, which is the premier event sponsored by High Times. 

he PUK Pipe is a “high end” smoking pipe, that is the perfect “dosing device”, but don’t let its compact design fool you.  It fits comfortably in your pocket, but stores up to ounce of fresh cannabis in its 6, half-gram bowls which are accessible by simply rotating the top disc.  It’s high-capacity storage and controlled dosing feature, assure that even the most copious smoker will not have to fumble around refilling their pipe throughout the day. 

The PUK Pipe is typically used to smoke cannabis flower (buds), but with the optional PUK Stone, you can enjoy any of your favorite concentrates, including dabs, oil, wax, shatter etc.


  • Dimensions: 68 mm (2.75") diameter, 22 mm (1") height 
  • Weight: 150 grams (approx.) 
  • Holding Capacity: Six (6) chambers, each of which holds approx. 0.5 grams per "bowl" for a total of three (3) grams. This nearly 1/8 ounce capacity means that most PŬK owners don't have to carry a separate container of herb, or refill their PŬKs for an entire day. 
  • Custom Logo printing / laser etching:  Requires camera-ready artwork for a 20mm  (¾ inch) diameter

Family of Products

1) PŬK Pipes: Our flagship products are available in several materials, all precisely manufactured to ensure consistent quality:

  • Borosilicate glass (same material as Pyrex): Our original and flagship product. Highly popular and remarkably durable.
  • Your price: $38.50 ea. (10 min). MSRP:  $59.00 
  • Click for larger quantity discounts (link to PDF)
  • Stone: Marble (green or white) & Granite (speckled black): Placed in a freezer for 15-20 minutes prior to use, these substrates transform smokers' experiences into cooler, gentler ones, without removing flavor potency (unlike traditional pipes)
  • Your price: $27.50 ea. (10 min). MSRP:  $49.00 
  • Click for larger quantity discounts (link to PDF)
  • African Bubinga Wood:  Because this wood is softer than our other premium wood PUKs,, it will show wear, and as such , we discount the product 33% due to its shorter lifespan. Still, the wood's beauty inspires a growing percentage of overall purchases.
  • Your price: $11.50 ea. (10 min). MSRP:  $19.00 (was $29.00)
  • Click for larger quantity discounts (link to PDF)


1) PŬK Straws: Lighting and smoking PŬKs is made more comfortable due to the extended length between customers and their pipes. Sharing with friends is more hygienic, when everyone has their own personal PŬK Straw, which is 3-D printed with non-toxic, 100% vegan materials.

  • Your price: $ .99 per 3-pack. MSRP: $1.99 (was $2.99)
  • Your price: $1.95 per 6-pack. MSRP: $3.90
  • Your price: $3.75 per 12 pack, MSRP: $7.70
  • Click for larger quantity discounts (link to PDF)

2) PŬK Stones: The PŬK Stone is a porous ceramic sponge made of Silicon Carbide, an inert material that adds versatility to our non-electric smoking device.  It fits perectly in one of the bowls of your Glass PUK, and enables customers to enjoy cannabis concentrate in any form, including waxes, oils, and others. When concentrates are are placed on the PUK Stone, and heated with a mini-torch, a portion of the concentrate immediately burst into a cloud of cannabis vapor, and the rest  is absorbed into the pores of the PŬK Stone where it is retained for users' future enjoyment - It is particularly appreciated when someone thinks they are out of cannabis, because there always seems to be another hit left in the PUK Stone, which is always a pleasant surprise.

  • Your price: $5.00 ea. MSRP: $9.95
  • Click for larger quantity discounts (link to PDF)

3) PŬK Pods: Neoprene cases (available in various combinations of  black or white  and gold) with an aluminum carabiner. Designed to protect PŬKs, and make them readily available, when traveling.

  • Your price: $5.00 ea. MSRP: $9.95
  • Click for larger quantity discounts (link to PDF)

4) Pipe Screen: Made of stainless steel, these perfectly sized 20mm diameter pipe screens are installed by placing a single screen in the center of the bottom disc, then pressing firmly around the edge of the screen with one's thumb to seat it perfectly in place.  Screens can be used in the individual bowls, but are not necessary.  No screen is required for the glass PŬKs, which contain a permanent screen/stabilizer installed.  Each envelope contains 5 screens.

  • Your price: $.50 ea. MSRP: $1.00
  • Click for larger quantity discounts (link to PDF)

5) Protective Tin Gift Box: Attractive graphics in a growing array of cool and psychedelic designs. Each PUK Pipe ships with a Tin, though you can purchase and stock more, as needed.

  • Your price: $.50 ea. MSRP: $1.00
  • Click for larger quantity discounts (link to PDF)

6) Custom Logo printing / laser etching:  Requires camera-ready artwork for a 20mm (3/4 inch) diameter

  • Your price: $250 setup fee + $.50 ea. MSRP: $250 + $1.00ea. (10 min)
  • Click for larger quantity discounts (link to PDF)


1) Magnet Set w/Screws: These powerful Neodymium N42 magnets are sold as a replacement set (both north and south poles), with screws included, for PŬK Pipes that have seen their share of wear and tear.

  • Your price: $2.50 ea. MSRP:  $4.99 
  • Click for larger quantity discounts (link to PDF)

2) Stabilizer Screen: Customers can upgrade older glass PŬKs with a permanent stabilizer screen that eliminates the need for a disposable screen, and prevents the top and bottom of the PŬK from accidentally sliding apart (in a pocket, purse, etc.)  Standard on all new Glass PŬKs, the screens will fit future 3.0 models of theandWood or stone PŬK Pipes.Shipped with a screw for installation.

  • Your price: $4.80 ea. MSRP:  $9.95 
  • Click for larger quantity discounts (link to PDF)

Zero Risk Guarantee

We back you up on every purchase with our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed policy. If your client “buys and tries” any of our products, and does not have a positive experience for any reason, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that your customer is 100% satisfied with his or her purchase, including refunding their purchase price. To date, we have never had a PUK Pipe returned, but if someone requests a refund, we will make the process very easy. In order to avoid sending used PUKs across state lines, which potentially contain cannabis resin, they simply return products to your store, you refund them their price, and then send us a picture of the destroyed PUK and we will issue you a credit. .

Our PŬK Pipe team even maintains a 24/7/365 Ticket and Email Support service; and you are welcome to contact us with any questions, or if you require assistance with our products.


  • Manufactured in the USA: All products are assembled in Cincinnati, or manufactured by our Midwest partners.
  • Shipping available: Standard USPS rates apply throughout the US. Shipping to foreign countries requires a custom estimate, based upon quantity and weight. We can expedite shipping, as needed.
  • Minimum orders: Though products can be purchased in small quantities, minimums apply to different products. (See linked PDF)
  • Sales support:
  • Promotional materials: We continue to produce (flyers, brochures, Point of Purchase displays, etc.) to make your job easier.  If you have an idea for a promotion that you would like to cooperate with us on, let us knowl  We think “out of the box”.
  • We will integrate a "Store Finder" feature (for release in 2021) that will enable customers to find your store on our website, by typing in their zip codes.
  • Stable pricing model: We sell products in different markets at the same MSRP to avoid undercutting your market. We'll alert you about any limited time promotions.
  • Brand building: We'll continue submitting PŬK Pipe for design awards, and to blogger/influencers for (positive reviews). We'll attend trade shows (virtual ones during the Covid-19 Pandemic) and seek out mentions in trade publications (e.g. High Times) so that customers ask you about our products!

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