About Puk Pipe

Meet PŬK Pipe

In case you are wondering, it's pronounced "Puck". Our product was designed by a former NASA employee, then engineered to exacting standards. And yes, it resembles a hockey puck! 

As a unique, multi-product dosing device, PŬK Pipe is completely odorless, water resistant and durable. Because it's extremely functional, you can enjoy its museum-quality elegance in a variety of environments - whether you're hiking trails, or chilling in your backyard.

How do I use my PŬK Pipe?

Whenever you're ready to enjoy a fresh dose of your herb, or product, simply rotate the top segment of your PŬK Pipe to reveal your controlled dose amount via the matching, open hole. We've provided you with six (6) fresh bowls that you can access throughout the day. No need to carry an extra container. Instead, with just a turn of your PŬK, the next bowl is ready for you to enjoy.

Customize your Experience

Your PŬK makes you the Life of the Party. By filling each of the 6 bowls with different combinations of your preferred herb strains, you are assured a customized smoking experience for you and your friends. Add the optional “PŬK Stone©”, and your PŬK allows you to mix things up a bit, when sharing your favorite concentrate with friends.

Controlled Dosing for Medicinal Use

PŬK is a reliable device that enables measured dosing - very important for our customers, whose medical needs call for accurate amounts. Each of the six (6) bowls can hold approximately 0.5 grams of herb (nearly ⅛ oz in total) allowing for controlled dosing over the course of your day.

PŬK... on the Go

Take PŬK confidently with you wherever you go. With the included EXO© silicone cover, you can rest assured, knowing that the fresh fragrance of your herb will be completely contained within your PŬK. The contents are protected from moisture, even if you accidentally drop it in water.

Award Winning Quality

  • PŬK is the recipient of the prestigious “Best in Glass” award at the International High Times Festival in Amsterdam.
  • Glass Cup Winner in Amsterdam, at the 25th High Times Cannabis Cup, evaluated by a group of judges, gathered from across the globe.



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