Puk Pipes

Revolutionary product

PUK Pipes are designed as game-changing cannabis smoking pipes and dosing devices for medical patients. Revolutionary in concept, a former NASA employee has created and engineered the distinctive shape (yes it looks like a hockey puck!) to exacting standards. High Times sponsors an annual International Cannabis Cup event in Amsterdam, and PUK received the highly coveted “Best Glass” award.

Remarkable Features

  • Fits easily in a backpack or purse, and comfortably in your jacket or pants pocket
  • Completely odorless and water resistant
  • Typically used to smoke cannabis flower (buds), though you can enjoy your favorite concentrates, including dabs, oil, wax, shatter etc. with the addition of an optional PUK Stone
  • Product is easily accessible by rotating the top disc open hole over each of the six holes ("bowls") in the bottom disc
  • High-capacity storage and controlled dosing: even the most copious smoker won't have to fumble around in order to refill the PUK Pipe 


  • Dimensions: 68 mm (2.75") diameter, 22 mm (1") height 
  • Weight: 150 grams (approx.) 
  • Holding Capacity: Six (6) chambers, each of which holds approx. 0.5 grams per "bowl" for a total of three (3) grams. This nearly 1/8 ounce capacity means that most PUK owners don't have to carry a separate container of herb, or refill their PUKs for an entire day. 
  • Custom Logo printing / laser etching:  Requires camera-ready artwork for a 20mm  (¾ inch) diameter
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